Sunday, 18 April 2021


 World Heritage Day was celebrated by concocting awareness about the true meaning of heritage, its importance and the need of its preservation to our little toddlers. With the help of a presentation our young minds were first familiarized with our rich cultural heritage, along with the existing diversification worldwide, and how we need to work towards protecting and conserving it. Later, the little bambinis were taken to a virtual Heritage tour to Delhi, where they enjoyed visiting the 7 monuments in Delhi on the virtual platform. The virtual trip was not only inspiring and exhilarating but also a wonderful swotting experience for  them.


 The Harvest Festival- Baisakhi was celebrated with inimitable zeal and vehemence. The day began with thanking the almighty for his divine grace followed by a cogent video  depicting the significance of Baisakhi. Our little angels dressed in colourful attires to celebrate this auspicious day. They danced to the beats of dhol that brought vibrancy to the environment. They also made exquisite and beauteous drawings illustrating the Baisakhi scene. 

Thursday, 8 April 2021



"Health is your responsibility. Creating health is about revitalizing your body, mind, emotions, and life energies to a higher level of functioning"

The little champs of class nursery, pre-primary and 1 celebrated The World Health Day with great enthusiasm and zeal. The class teachers started the class session by drawing the attention of our little bundles of joy towards healthy eating habits. They were also elucidated about the importance of eating green vegetables, fruits, milk products and should avoid eating junk food. The kids made healthy sprout and vegetable sandwiches, did Zumba exercises, ate fruit salad and acknowledged the need of developing a healthy lifestyle.